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Analysis of Chinese Isooctanoic Acid Market
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The researchers conducted electrochemical deposition under an electrochemical three-electrode system, and explored the effect of deposition conditions on the formation of single atoms, and found that when the metal loading is below a certain limit, single atoms can be obtained; above this limit There are metal clusters or particles formed, this change is similar to the nucleation process in the liquid crystal growth. In order to prove the universality of this method, the researchers successfully obtained monoatomic catalysts covering 3d, 4d, and 5d metals on substrates such as cobalt hydroxide, molybdenum sulfide, manganese oxide, and nitrogen-doped carbon. After characterizing the structure of the monoatomic catalyst, it was found that the same monoatomic catalyst obtained by cathode and anode deposition has different electronic structures, which provides the possibility of its application in different catalytic reactions.

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